Q : Why your sub is so bad? | Your sub is suck!
A: I'm not fluent in Korean and English. I know my grammar is so bad but I'm doing this to help you enjoy your favorite variety show with english subtitle and some of them are my favorites. So, hope you understand.

Q : Can you give me download link?

A : I wish I can but due to bad connection, so I just help you to enjoy with streaming link. I will give you download link if possible.

Q : Why you split the video?

A : Due to bad connection, so I can do nothing.

Q : Your ads are too much!

A : I do all for translating, subtitling, encoding and uploading or even I have other subber/timer and typesetter/uploader, these ads could support me to sub more videos.

Q : So, do I need donate you? But I feel your subs are so sucks.

A : It's all your choice.. Even $1 is very appreciate.

Q: I don't have paypal but I live in Indonesia. How to donate you?

A: You can donate via local bank. Email me for details.

Q : Why your subbing taking so long?

A : I'm doing this alone. So, please understand ^^

Q : Why you always upload it per part/day or one by one? I really can not wait for this!

A : I think I should do this and it could help you to enjoy it first while I'm uploading or subbing for other parts.

Q : Can I reupload your videos?


Q : Why I can't take your links out?

A : I hope the others know my site, so just link back, please.

Q : Can I share it?

A : Of course, I'm so thankful but just link back to my site, please ^^

Q : Can I join your team?

A : Yes, of course! If you want to help me subbing from Korean to English, I really appreaciate. But I'm not hiring team for now.

Q : Can I request a video to be subbed?

A : Of course, but I only take VIP request. What is VIP request? Check here.

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